By Guy Earnshaw

It’s time to ditch your traditional inventory management systems and save on the many hours of admin time. You can significantly reduce the risk of human error costing sales or damaging cash flow.

By using an automated cloud-based system that is fully integrated and offers you greater efficiencies, you can increase productivity and drive more sales without spending more on admin.

B2B Portals
Use an online shop that offers a dedicated area for your wholesale customers. They can log in to view products at their specific pricing tiers, including for bulk purchases, and place their orders. The order details can be sent straight through to be picked and despatched without the need for managing calls and emails and copying information from system to system.

Your customers will also be able to keep track of what they have ordered, when it is due and get copies of invoices within their own account space. Some systems will also show them their order history, so they can spot trends or simply repeat previous orders they have placed with a one-click process.

3rd Party Logistics (3PL)
For many small businesses, warehousing and distribution can be a barrier to growth and hit profits hard. Using a 3PL provider removes the need for immediate capital investment for storing stock and reduces staffing overheads.

Cloud-based inventory management can be integrated with 3PL systems to send customer orders directly to the warehouse. There is no need to manually transfer order between systems, making for a secure and reliable process.

Integration providers
There are now many sites that provide off the shelf, configurable integrations between the most common online systems. You can use apps like Zapier and OneSaaS to link your Magento to Xero, or your Shopify to QBO.

There are also several integrations between sales and marketing programs to join up all the dots and create a holistic data transfer system. Using these readily available integrations is a cheap and effective way of improving data flow in your business.

API development
There isn’t always an off the shelf integration available to get your systems talking, especially if you have a mixture of traditional systems and cloud application. Thankfully, there is often a way to get your programs talking, whether it’s through bespoke CSV integrations or by having specialist code written through API development to integrate your data between programs.

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