Expectations vs. reality when implementing a new inventory system

Thinking of a new inventory system? Here’s the truth of what to expect.

Every business has all sorts of expectations about their move to a new inventory system.

And unfortunately, there are plenty of businesses whose expectations just don’t match up to reality.

We’re going to look at the three main areas of any new project – the costs, the time, and the process – and compare a few misguided expectations against the realities of each situation.


Wholesale limits – moving from Sage to Xero

It’s no secret that we think Xero is a fantastic piece of kit. And when businesses make the move over from Sage, they love the improvements in accessibility and customisation they see.

But that doesn’t mean the transition between the two is simple.

We’ve put together this quick guide for any wholesale business that’s thinking about a move from Sage to Xero.


5 Warehouse Hacks to Bring You Closer to Overnight Delivery

Stock control can be complex.

And there’s no place where that’s more true than in the warehouse of a busy, product-based business.

There’s a huge number of different systems and processes to stay on top of – but that also means there’s a huge amount of opportunity to make small improvements that add up to a big change overall.

Efficiency may not be glamorous – but it’s essential for success.


What software vendors won’t tell you about their implementation services

More businesses than ever before are starting to make the move towards cloud accounting and inventory software.

And with the Making Tax Digital requirement coming up this year for VAT-registered businesses, plenty of companies are feeling the pressure to bring their systems up to the modern standard.

To meet this new demand, some inventory software vendors are starting to offer their own scaled-down implementation services – offering limited advice and guidance to businesses who are trying to choose the best new software for their futures.

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