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We are Software Consultants who specialise in cloud Inventory systems for small and medium-sized businesses.

Our clients are Wholesalers, Manufacturers, and e-Commerce businesses who are moving away from traditional server-and-paper-based-systems.

Our teams are real people who work with real businesses, helping to implement their real-time data into the latest and best cloud software.

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Free Discovery Call

Every journey starts with a FREE Discovery Call where we will discuss:

  • Your existing systems

  • Your current processes

  • The reasons why you want to upgrade your software

We’ll then recommend the best cloud system for your needs.

See what our clients have to say

Intceram Case Study

Founded in 1998, Intceram are tile importers, importing mostly from Turkey, Spain and Brazil. Based in Leeds, they distribute across the UK and Ireland and recent success lead to them opening a second shop in West London in 2017.

Prior to contacting BlueHub, Intceram solely used Xero to run their business but as their business grew, they found they were faced with limitations.

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