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BlueHub is proud to be the only official DEAR partner in the UK, helping to select, implement and train this popular Inventory System.

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Who needs DEAR?

If your business sells a product, then DEAR could be a great match for you.

If you are a light manufacturer who has a product-selling business, DEAR has the features and integrations to take your business to the next level.

The inclusion of multiple built-in features allows for things such as warehouse management, 3PL integration and accurate tracking of cost of goods sold.

Overall, being able to integrate multiple systems together with DEAR helps create a fully functioning, automated business.

What's our involvement?

Like all of the systems we work with, we are unbias partners for DEAR.

This means that we are not paid to recommend DEAR to businesses. We look at your business, your processes and what you wish you achieve by moving to a new inventory system.

If we feel DEAR is the best fit for your needs, then we will recommend and demonstrate the system.

To demonstrate DEAR, we will ask you for some business data. This will be imported into the system to demo how it will work for your business.

Once both parties are happy, we will begin the process of properly implementing the chosen system.

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Dear Features
Built-in features of DEAR

Accounting: Integrations with Xero and QBO help automate and streamline accounting by eliminating manual data entry.

Sales: Orders are efficiently tracked across all sales channels.

Warehouse Management: Streamline your warehouse productivity and fulfilment process and manage multi warehouses.

eCommerce: Import payment from eCommerce story, download sales and returns, automated stock level tracking and export tracking numbers to your store.

Manufacturing: Advanced bill of materials, barcode scanning, estimated manufacturing costs, job costing and serial/batch numbers.

DEAR's true strengths are that it integrates with many other systems. Connecting your accounts, payment services and eCommerce sales channels.
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Are you ready to talk about DEAR?
We offer everyone a free initial consultation where we will find out which system is best for your needs.