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What software vendors won’t tell you about their implementation services

More businesses than ever before are starting to make the move towards cloud accounting and inventory software.

And with the Making Tax Digital requirement coming up this year for VAT-registered businesses, plenty of companies are feeling the pressure to bring their systems up to the modern standard.

To meet this new demand, some inventory software vendors are starting to offer their own scaled-down implementation services – offering limited advice and guidance to businesses who are trying to choose the best new software for their futures.


Brexit Is Coming – and Inventory Software Can Help

For better or worse, it’s happening.

By the end of March 2019, the UK will be leaving the EU. And while there’s still a huge amount of uncertainty in the details, one thing is clear:

Businesses need to adapt if they want to keep succeeding.

No one can say for sure exactly what will happen.

But we can give you some ideas of what to expect: the potential problems and opportunities ahead, and what smart businesses are doing now to help them stay better informed and plan for the unknown.


9 common business problems solved by integrated cloud solutions

Ever since we have had computers, business have been looking for ways to use them to; get an edge on the competition, speed up operations, cut cost and increase profits. Developers have been happy to oblige, creating huge off the shelf and bespoke systems each designed to add value to a company in a verity of ways.

These systems have come at a cost that has made them an unapproachable option for many small and medium businesses. Leading smaller companies to have to “make-do” with paper and simple excel based systems. There have been many developments in the last few years with cloud-based business systems that have caused a drastic shift in this paradigm.


Cloud-Based Technologies to Support Small and Medium Businesses

It is now almost redundant to say that a website is an important tool for any business in the modern era. Websites are a great platform to market your business, to build an audience and inform them about developments in your business, for attracting new business from prospects (both locally and worldwide) and can create opportunities to further monetise your business through e-commerce, affiliation and advertising. You can also utilise the mass data of internet users, to pinpoint target your advertisements to your key demographic on social media and through PPC adverts.