Who Are BlueHub?

15 years ago, BlueHub started as a software development company creating bespoke systems for businesses who needed detailed inventory systems that integrated with Sage.

However, our clients soon began to see the appeal of new cloud-based systems that had a low monthly cost – and so did we. We updated our own systems internally to cloud-based apps and soon realised we had to help other businesses invest in these more convenient and affordable systems.

Now, we work with small and medium-sized businesses to help them select which apps would work best for their business, before assisting them with implementing the software and training their staff.

Bluehub Team
Our Team
Meet the BlueHub team...
Matt Flanagan From Bluehub
Matt Flanagan
Managing Director
    David Robinson From Bluehub
    David Robinson
    Commercial Director
      Darren Franks From Bluehub
      Darren Franks
      Senior Projects Consultant
        Guy From Bluehub
        Guy Earnshaw
        Senior Solutions Consultant
          Callum From Bluehub
          Callum Wagstaff
          Solutions Consultant
            Joseph Rogers From Bluehub
            Joseph Rogers
            Configuration & Training Consultant
              Jess Withington From Bluehub
              Jess Withington
              Marketing Executive
                Katiya From Bluehub
                Katyia Johnson
                Executive Assistant
                  Steve Allen From Bluehub
                  Steve Allen
                  Integrations & Bespoke Software Developer
                    Tom France From Bluehub
                    Tom France
                    Junior Integrations & Bespoke Software Developer
                      Natasha Gray From Bluehub
                      Natasha Gray
                      Junior Integrations & Bespoke Software Developer