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9 common business problems solved by integrated cloud solutions

Ever since we have had computers, business have been looking for ways to use them to; get an edge on the competition, speed up operations, cut cost and increase profits. Developers have been happy to oblige, creating huge off the shelf and bespoke systems each designed to add value to a company in a verity of ways.

These systems have come at a cost that has made them an unapproachable option for many small and medium businesses. Leading smaller companies to have to “make-do” with paper and simple excel based systems. There have been many developments in the last few years with cloud-based business systems that have caused a drastic shift in this paradigm.


Cloud Integration Specialists: Web-Based Business Systems

The Cloud is a term that has been floating around the tech world for the last few years.

In what ways does the cloud differ from normal IT systems? Traditional IT systems are held locally, on servers or PCs. The cloud uses a network of remote servers that host the software and make it accessible online. This means software or data can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and it means you can avoid buying expensive hardware and software to run data-heavy business programs.