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You can join our face-to-face planning workshops at a number of locations and excellerate your project in a one day session.

Or you can access the course in a dedicated remote format through a series of webinars over a five week period.





Over the past 2 years we have engaged with hundreds of accountants and seen the same types of problems hindering firms with  converting manual/desktop clients to cloud.

This programme is to define, design and implement a cloud conversion plan with best practiceensuring the project starts on the right footing and momentum is kept to a maximum.

A must for firms who feel their cloud conversion plans have never really got going or have stagnated.

Who's the workshop for?

Firms with a will and a want to convert their manual and desktop clients to cloud accounting (any vendor)

Firms with a client base that need to be converted to cloud accounting but have slow progress of conversion

Firms who are ready to take action with their cloud conversion plan!

Partners/Directors who have been tasked with the project of building and executing a plan to move the firms client base to Cloud Accounting

Cloud Champions who are accountable or responsible for the delivery of the firms cloud conversion plan

What will be covered?

Understanding the components of a successful cloud conversion plan

Drilling down into each of the components to understand the need for the component and also the associated tasks to deliver that component successfully

An understanding of the critical path and dependencies of a successful cloud conversion plan

Frameworks for successfully executing a cloud conversion plan including the change management frameworks required.


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