Your personal cloud transformation coach

I have been working with and helping firms who are feeling one, some or all of the below:

  • They have a minimum of 100 clients to convert to the cloud
  • They’re frustrated with the progress of the firm’s cloud conversion programme
  • They have will and want but aren’t hitting targets or timelines for numbers of clients converted to cloud
  • Their employees and/or clients aren’t engaged with the change
  • Their Cloud Champion/internal Project Manager aren’t supported and made to feel isolated
  • They have made plans but not keeping to the tasks or dates
  • Struggling to know what KPI’s to track and how frequently to report on
  • They feel unsure as to what the correct steps are to gain traction

I am launching a new service personally supporting firms with these problems.

The objectives of the service will be to:

  • Agree and assist with the visualisation of the firms plans for converting clients
  • Document the steps needed to gain traction with the conversions
  • Hold the firm accountable to progressing their tasks that will contribute to the success of the project
  • Identify and implement KPI’s for the firms cloud conversion project
  • Guide the firm through this process
  • Troubleshoot with the firm particular problem areas as they arise
  • Utilise my knowledge of what has and hasn’t worked in across the profession for this type of project

I will be working with approximately 8-10 firms per quarter, this will be by application only – not every firm will be the right fit for this service.

The cost for this 1-2-1 programme will be £799 + VAT per month

If you would like apply to be considered for this service then please use this link to book an application call