Is Your Accounting Firm Falling Behind?

Get more clients onto the cloud faster with your personal cloud transformation coach

Smart accounting firms are gearing up to get more clients onto the cloud

But when I look at their numbers, the reality is worrying. Some firms need to triple their current conversion rates just to hit their own targets. Some firms need to start converting a hundred clients a month to get up to speed.

And after crunching the numbers for one accounting firm, I discovered that they would need 23 years to complete their cloud transition at their current rate of converting their client base to cloud.

If you feel like your firm’s cloud conversion plan isn’t going as well as you wanted it to, you’re not alone.

Ask yourself if any of the following applies to you:

  • You have more than 300 accounting clients to convert to the cloud.
  • You’re frustrated with the progress of your current cloud conversion plan.
  • You have the desire and the motivation, but you aren’t hitting your conversion targets or timelines.
  • Your staff and your clients aren’t fully engaged with the change, and your Cloud Champions and Project Managers aren’t getting the support they need.
  • You’re struggling to measure and report the right KPIs, and you’re unsure of the correct steps to help your conversion plan gain traction.

If this sounds like your firm and are disappointed with your progress so far, our new service could be a perfect fit.

​Over the next few weeks, I’ll be launching a new service to personally help accounting firms like yours overcome these problems.

Together, we’ll be able to:

  • Agree on and track the visualisation of your firm’s plans for converting client
  • Document the steps you’ll need to take to get your conversion project to gain traction
  • Identify and measure the right KPIs for your cloud conversion project
  • Find and fix the particular problem areas your firm is struggling with as they arise
  • Use my knowledge of past conversion projects – what’s worked and what hasn’t – to guide your firm through its cloud transition from start to finish.

This new service won’t be for everyone.

I’ll only be working with 8-10 firms per quarter – and I’ll be taking on new firms by application only.

For just 799 + VAT per month

"We started working with Matt over 6 months ago. In that time we have covered various areas of our Cloud Transformation agenda from add-ons for clients to our own internal processes and our internal pilot phase.

Matt has helped us with all of these areas and two of the key benefits are keeping us accountable to our short-term cloud goals and secondly making us think about the mid-to-long term cloud goals which can quickly creep up on you!

We have regular meetings to discuss current progress and barriers in key areas: processes, data, staff, communications, mindset, project KPI’s, prioritisation while still keeping an eye on the larger project delivery plan."

Clare Blackmore - Albert Goodman

If you’re ready to start seeing real progress with your cloud conversions, book a call today and we’ll talk about your project.


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