Here to help you maximise your cloud applications and increase profitability

BlueHub utilises cloud systems in three ways, Consultancy, Software Development and Coaching & Mentoring, maximising our knowledge to benefit businesses and accountancy practices working in the cloud.


Cloud Consultant & Inventory Specialist


Cloud Consultant & Job Management Specialist


Junior Cloud Consultant

The Cloud Consultants

Our Cloud Consultancy team are here to support start-ups and SME's with robust cloud solutions, helping them achieve the levels of insight and productivity experienced by well-equipped larger companies. There are cloud-based options for every business system: CRM, MRP, ERP, Timesheets, Project Management, Accounts and more. We can integrate the systems to add even more efficiency and are very affordable.


Senior Developer


Senior Developer




Junior Developer

The Dev Team

Our team of experienced software development experts, specialise in API development and integrations, ASP .NET development in c#, typescript and T-SQL. In addition, our team have expertise in a wide range of coding languages including JAVA, JavaScript and Visual Basic.

Our team remains on the cutting edge of technology and development practices by constantly reviewing our own internal knowledge and processes, additionally all of the code produced by our team goes through a rigorous peer review process to ensure the highest quality code is produced. Our close collaborative nature, and abilities in matching a client needs with cutting-edge technological capabilities, is what sets us apart from any other development team.


Projects Coordinator


Marketing Executive


Managing Director


Commercial Director