BlueHub: Cloud accounting app add-on implementation and integration specialists

(Or in English: we help you improve your business with powerful software)

You’re here because LB Group wants to see you succeed

We’re here to guide you through your cloud accounting transformation

BlueHub and LB Group – helping your business together

We’ve been helping businesses like yours for over 15 years.

In fact, we can happily call ourselves experts, without feeling immodest.

We’re into all sorts of things that you and your team might not be. Things like cloud software for managing inventory and projects, choosing accounting apps and their add-ons, and seamless integrations for SMEs trying to improve the nuts and bolts of their operations.

We connect you with the best tools for running your business

We’ll get you through the confusing parts (like choosing from hundreds of cloud software add-ons).

We’ll deal with the technical stuff (like writing tailored bits of code to link the different parts of your business together).

And best of all: we’ll be with you in the long term (things like training your team, troubleshooting your problems, and making sure you’re getting the most out of your new way of working).

You’ve trusted LB Group with your accounts

And LB Group trusts us with clients like you.

So let’s see if we can work together to improve how you run your business.

1. We’ll start you off with a quick consultation

It’s completely free for friends of LB Group – and there’s no obligation to carry on if it doesn’t feel right. We’ll kick things off by:

  • Setting up a call to get to know you and your business – where you’re starting from and where you want to be
  • Giving you a demonstration of some of the software and add-ons we recommend – how you can use powerful tools to get things done more quickly
  • Sending you feedback from your call including app recommendations.
  • Writing up a proposal for you to have a look at – everything we recommend to help you start to make improvements, as well as exactly how we’ll take you through the whole process.

2. You’ll get a deeper analysis of your business

If your business is complex, we might need some extra consultation to make sure we’re covering everything. Together, we’ll be able to:

  • Size up everything you need in a thorough assessment – for both your short-term goals and your long-term future growth
  • Give you an exhaustive review of all your processes – so you’ll know where your weaknesses are, and where you can make the biggest improvements
  • Help you select the best new apps and add-ons for what your business needs
  • Create a tailored plan for your project – so you can see every target and milestone, as well as the overall scope and timescales
  • Draw up a detailed proposal for your transformation – everything you’ll need from us, and everything we’ll do to make sure your new systems run smoothly.

3. We’ll get started on your transformation

This is where the magic happens. Once we’ve done our homework, we’ll be ready to start putting it all into practice by:

  • Setting up your new systems and configuring them for your business
  • Business advice to help adapt the existing internal business processes to the new system
  • Giving your staff the training they need to hit the ground running with your new software
  • Working with you and your team to give you the ongoing support you need as you move into a new way of working.

So what’s the next step?

If you’re ready to see what cloud accounting app add-ons can do for your business, getting started is easy.

Just click below, book your free call – and we’ll handle the rest.


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