Getting started with the Xero Ecosystem

This two-part introduction video is the foundations of the Knowledge Transfer Program. It will walk you through the world of add-on apps, the categories and sectors they sit in and their basic differences.

We recommend you watch the videos all the way through the first time (but feel free to stop for a brew) and then skip through to the sections that you think are more relevant to your practice.

You can use the time code list under each video to skip to the parts you want so you can make notes for discussion in your first meeting.

KTP Part 1

00:00 Introduction
04:35 Partner Levels
06:15 What is the Ecosystem?
08:25 Why add-ons?
10:20 Xero Add-ons
11:05 Horizontal for a practice
16:33 Expenses & Purchase Invoice Automation
22:32 Improved Invoicing
24:29 Horizontal Core add-ons
25:32 Advanced Reporting Suite
32:43 Invoice Finance
36:04 Payment Engines
38:48 Invoice Control
39:58 Data Conversion

KTP Part 2

00:00 Introduction
00:46 Practice Management
03:47 Sales Apps
04:03 Quoting
07:23 CRM
12:13 Sales integration
17:21 Operational Systems
17:33 Project Management (Job Costing)
23:56 Inventory Management
33:46 Integrated Inventory Systems
36:17 POS
40:40 E-Commerce
44:35 Traditional Vs ECommerce
49:15 Wider Ecosystem for Operations
55:22 Verticals
59:07 Xero Integrations