Save hours of admin time with our Spreadsheet to Xero integration

API development. Linking the unlinkable.

Our history at BlueHub has been in bespoke cloud system development and our USP for over fifteen years has been seamless integrations.

We have now shifted our focus to implementing and integrating off the shelf systems for SMEs. We bring our enterprise level bespoke system integrations to our small and medium sized clients. Giving you fast, reliable and robust integration links between all systems.

Working closely with the best apps in the ecosystem...

Cloud Accounting Add-ons have made business owners aware of how much value integration adds to a company. It is easy to see how it can improve business process and most importantly how it can dramatically cut admin costs.

By integrating end-to-end, data is kept in a closed loop so there is no need to re-enter information. This means instant access to essential strategic information from across the business.

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