The virtual cloud advisory team in your practice

In the last 12 months we have seen unprecedented growth in cloud accounting. The demand for advice and support to allow practices to service their clients has exploded.

To ensure we can continue to offer an effective and high value service, we have created the Cloud Services Retainer (CSR). This multi-level, fully managed service provides the practice's cloud champion with a virtual team to provide background support and advice for their client transitions.

It's not easy finding the time to learn about all the add-on apps in the Xero ecosystem let alone carve out your own industry specific niche.

When you join our CSR you'll get 1-2-1 time with our experienced consultants. You get access to a wealth of resources, from educational videos to recruitment tools.


Will I get an onboarding call?

Yes. We will talk through the service and how you access all the elements of your package.

How do I engage with a consultant?

You can book a call here to talk through client projects and get advice on appropriate apps and/or the implementation process.

What do I do if I have a quick question?

Bronze- log your support question here
Silver- phone our main number 0800 669 6457
Gold- call your dedicated consultant directly

What happens if I go over the monthly consultancy hours included in my package?

Don't worry! We review usage quarterly as some months you might need us more than others.

How do I access the content in the learning portal?

During the onboarding process you will be sent an email inviting you to register on our coaching platform. Once registered you will be guided through the content. If you do not receive the email invite, please call 0800 669 6457.

How do I attend the monthly Q&A?

You will receive a link after the onboarding call so you can register for the session. The system will send you a reminder when the session is coming up so you don't miss it.

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