Businesses like yours are switching to cloud-based inventory management systems every day. The gains in efficiency, reliability and productivity far outweigh the stormy change journey that the switch can present.

If it's the transition that worries you, we can help take the load off.

We have been working closely with Cin7 to help them manage the volume of inquiries for implementation of their system. As inventory specialists, we are experts in stock management system implementation and have already worked with clients around the world.

Due to the huge interest in cloud software from the US, we are now working with CIN7 to serve the east coast with the same high-touch, hands-on service we have provided to the UK for years.

Want maximum efficiency, making the most of all the benefits Cin7 has to offer from the get-go?

Need a smooth transition but lack the internal resources to manage the change to Cin7?

"Had some initial issues with such a huge catalogue and complex processes but Bluehub have stuck with us and helped sort all our problems." Simon Gough, Founder/Owner at SE Simons.

When asked what impact Cin7 has had on his business processes, Simon said, "Made orders far quicker to process and all round much slicker system than we had."

Arrange a call back to find out how you can outsource your Cin7 Implementation

We can manage your changeover to cloud inventory software

We can take away the pain of setting up your Cin7 account, organising and uploading your stock records, training your team and integrating your programs. Our process is very hands on, we appreciate the benefit of having a dedicated person who comes on site to see your unique business processes. Seeing how you work and recording everything that you do is key to us setting up your system effectively.
We are now covering the UK and Ireland as well as the whole of America and Canada, working with companies to smooth their transformation to Cin7 and improve their efficiency and productivity.
If you need help onboarding to Cin7, we would love to hear from you, wherever you are in the world, we are successfully working with business remotely.

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