Helping clients move to Xero: Case Study

The LB Group accountancy firm has been helping client switch to cloud based accounting. They have helped businesses improve their processes, saving time, money and worry with easy to use automated systems.

Their client Climbing Trees, a digital marketing company providing services such as PPC and SEO, were previously using Sage to manage their outbound invoices and to reconcile VAT returns.

In addition, they input data manually to manage their cash flow and debtors through a set of spreadsheets. Like many businesses, they made this work as it was all they knew.

Time for change

However, the Director Alex Holliman, was looking for a system that could provide instant business information and would be easier to manage. For the LB Group it was evident that Climbing Trees could revolutionise their system by moving to the cloud.

This allowed them to work remotely when traveling to clients and streamlined their process to save time and hassle.

"We have done our monthly invoicing at Berlin airport whist waiting for a flight, so it's very simple, very intuitive and just as good as logging on in a browser / desktop environment". Alex Holliman

Not only has the switch to Xero saved them time and simplified the process, it has allowed them to get a real time picture of the financial information. They can now make strategic business decisions when the market is right rather than waiting for arbitrary updates.

Transition to the cloud

LB Group have often found clients have concerns about the transition to Xero and fear a loss of data or issues with getting up to speed on the new system. With LB Group's help, Alex found the transition to Xero was straightforward, Alex said it was:

"Seamless - between the team at LB Group and my bookkeeper there was little additional work for me to do - we migrated for the start of our financial year and it went super smoothly. Xero has given me everything that I needed - no problems at all". Alex Holliman

Helping your clients adopt a cloud based accounting system and move to Xero will improve your client relationship and place your firm a step ahead as technology moves forward.


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