International Integrators

It's no surprise that cloud accounting has grown massively in the last two years. With Xero constantly improving their cloud software and greater efficiencies for the user, businesses are queuing up to switch.

Xero's popularity has outstripped the number of companies available to support tool selection and onboarding. As integrators and advisors, we have seen serious growth in the international market. Companies around the globe trying to improve their systems have approached us for help. So we have answered their call.

We have provided a bespoke program to integrate Odoo with Xero for a company in Kenya. As well as bespoke integration requests in New Zealand, we have provided tool selection and Xero Practice Manager health checks for companies in Australia.

In search of workshop software, a Michigan business requested our help with finding the right add-on for their needs. With over 500 add-ons to choose from it is a daunting task for a company new to the Xero ecosystem.

The growth in Xero subscribers between their 2014 and 2016 annual report is 152% globally, taking them to 717,000. They are storming ahead and the bulging add-on marketplace is fueling this growth.
North America has seen the greatest growth, a result of their focused marketing strategy. A 244% increase takes Xero to 62,000 users in just two years. This phenomenal growth has created some pinch points though.

Accountancy firms like HPC are investing in internal advisors, trained to help clients move to Xero and select the right add-ons. Given the growth in the market and the capacity limitations accountancy practices and consultancy firms in the US are experiencing, demand is outstripping supply.

We can see more and more accountancy firms needing to take on the role of add-on advisor. Assessing the intricate needs of individual firms will be an essential skill of the modern accountant, seeking new efficiencies for the clients.

In the meantime, we welcome enquiries from around the globe, but particularly focusing on the East Coast of the US. We are specialists in helping companies' set-up and move to more complex programs like the inventory management systems Cin7, Unleashed, Dear and Trade Gecko.

We have found it easy to work remotely with a global client base. Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida all have just a 5hr time difference so scheduling calls and offering support is fairly straight forward.

If you're looking for help choosing add-ons and getting into the cloud, book a call back at a time that suits and we can talk through the options.


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