Why Choose Datamolino?

If you want to take away the pain of data entry, Datamolino could be the answer. You can save hours with no need to manually key in invoices or add descriptions.

Datamolino reads your invoices and extracts the alphanumerical data, creating a digital file. The data can then be automatically entered into your cloud accounting software with APIs available for Xero and Sage One. The add-on also has an open API so it is possible to integrate it with a variety of other systems.

Upload multiple invoice in one go with Datamolino

As well as capturing all the information from your invoices, Datamolino can process multiple invoices from one PDF. This will save you time uploading your invoices and allow you to manage files by date, trip or client. Datamolino will automatically categorise them into searchable archives so you can find the information you need a lot faster.

Organise files by company or branch

You can create multiple folders and organise your data by organisation or branch, connecting each folder to different Xero or Sage One organisations. This is great for sharing certain folders with other users, such as colleagues or clients, allowing them to action any comments you may make.

Once the folders are created, users can upload their files through the web, on the mobile app or by email. Each folder has a unique email address so there will be no need to allocate files to folders manually.
You don't need to pay for the extra users either. The pricing is fairly set, so you only pay for the documents you processed not the number of users you have. Not only is this great for sharing files, but it allows you to include everyone in the monitoring and management of this critical business area.

Fair 'Pay-per-document' pricing

What's more, you can get started on their free plan and upload a maximum of 10 documents a month. If you want to train staff in a new system or have time to understand it before taking the plunge, this is a great way to transition. Once you are rolling, there is also an option to gain more details from your invoices by stepping up to the advanced plan.

Datamolino is always looking to improve their service, with a constant eye to upgrading and adding new features in response to user requests. Jan from Datamolino said, "Soon we will launch another component to Datamolino that will further help with automation of data capture".

5 Stars from the Xero Community

The Xero community has given the add-on 5 stars with some very positive reviews. Damien Astolfi from Fidbox said, "I've been surprised by the quickness and accuracy with which Datamolino extracts data. I was worrying because I have complicated PDF in foreign languages but results are beyond my expectations and Datamolino already saved me a lot of time."

As accountant Wil Peters discovered, Datamolino is very proud of their excellent support services. "In my case, I had to process all invoices since January 1st, 2015. Manual input would have cost me a lot of time. Now it went in a breeze! Also, the helpdesk of Datamolino is very swift and correct. They offered me quick and adequate support with a problem I encountered."

If you have any questions about Datamolino or would like advice on integrating this with your existing systems, you can give us a ring on 0800 669 6457 or email enquiries@bluehub.co.uk


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