How the hell do I choose an add-on for my client?

At the beginning of the month we ran out first 'How the hell do I choose an add-on for my client?' webinar. This was a free session were Matt Flanagan and Guy Earnshaw talked through the process of add-on selection.

They talked through the whole journey stage by stage. Starting from scoping client needs, researching the market and making recommendations. Along the way there were plenty of hints and tips with things to watch out for.

Over the years BlueHub's consultants have gained a wealth of experience. There were 'lessons learnt' and tales to share. This helped listeners understand some of the potential pitfalls of add-on selection.

What did people ask us?

Matt and Guy received questions towards that highlight how many of you struggle to get started. For example, Johanna and Fiona asked if the webinars would cover specific add-ons or the top add-ons.

There are so many it isn't possible to go through them all, or even the most successful ones, in one webinar. However, we do have more events planned to help with the pros and cons of add-ons within a horizontal. The important take away from the webinar is that, it's not about the best add-on generally it's about, which add-on is right for a specific client.

There was another question from Debbie asking what to do when clients do not expect to pay for research. Matt explained that given BlueHub's experience, research is not a 'from-scratch' task. Due to our experience and knowledge, it is more a case of matching the specific requirements to add-ons rather than finding them.

The long and the short of it

Add-on selection is a complex process. It is important to remember that each client is an individual case. Approach each situation as a totally unique so your eyes are open to the details.

If you want to expand your services and offer add-on selection, there is not a better time to get involved.

Because so many accountants wanted to understand more, we decided to run more webinars. We don't want anyone to miss out! The next event is on Friday 8th July, although we have further webinars on the 11th August and 13th September. You can book a slot with Eventbrite here.

Who is this Webinar for?

  • Confused Xero Advisors!
  • Xero Advisors who are currently or potentially recommending Xero Add-ons to their portfolio
  • Forward thinking Accountants and Advisors

Attendees of the webinar will get:
  • An introduction to Add-on selection
  • Tips on how to become more knowledgeable in this area
  • An understanding of the time investment required to be competent
  • Q&A - we will leave some time at the end


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