QuickBooks Sunset: Time to switch to Xero

At the end of May, in just 12 days, Intuit's QuickBooks 2013 will no longer be supported due to their annual sunset program. This will leave over 80k users without the key services they require unless they payout and upgrade to the current version of the software. This is a cyclic problem for users, as desktop-based software drops off the radar after just three years.

The services no longer available will be:
· Processing credit card payments
· Processing check payments
· Linking your bank account for bill payments
· Billing Solution
· Processing or downloading online payments
· Download Terminal credit card payments (although terminal will still process the payments)
· Download and access to automatic credit card billing data and existing customer profiles will be deleted.

The versions of QuickBook that will be effected by the Sunset:
· QuickBook Pro 2013
· QuickBooks Premier 2013 (General Business, Contractor, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Nonprofit, Professional Services, and Retail)
· QuickBooks for Mac 2013
· QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 13
· QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2013
· QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper 2013

What can customers do?

Of course, customers can pay and upgrade to the 2016 version of QuickBooks… and then again no later than 2019… and again by 2022. However, most business will use this as an opportunity to switch to a Cloud Accounting, which provides security, no forced upgrades and spreads the cost of the software into manageable monthly payments. Along with all the other benefits of cloud systems: remote access, easily connected software and increased visibility.

From their inception, Xero have had an ambitious development schedule, updating their program every few weeks. There have been 11 updates so far in 2016, that's more than one every two weeks. This is driven by their customer-focused ethos, they listen to user feedback and pursue the new features that maintain the easy-to-use interface they are renowned for.

Due to their customer-centred approach, Xero is at the forefront of the cloud accounting software market, leaving companies like Intuit and Sage working to align their practices and improve their service to remain competitive.

Xero work with over 700k subscribers worldwide, transforming the way they do business and building trusted relationship with accountants and bookkeepers through online collaboration.


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