Beyond bookkeeping: What’s it like to work with a modern accountant?

This post is by Sian Kelly from our friends over at Inform Accounting, who are cloud accountants and virtual FDs who focus on Xero, Receipt Bank and Management accounts on top of a fantastic blog.

Like most disciplines, accountancy has evolved a great deal since the advent of the internet - and the long-standing accountant stereotype (grey suit, grey personality) is finally fading into the past.

Sure, there's still plenty of 'old-school' accountants around, but there's also a new wave of modern, pro-active accountant - making the most of modern technology to re-shape the relationship between you and your business finances.

Here's a quick look at what it's like to work with a modern accountant, and how you'll benefit from making the move from old to new.

More than balancing the books

Any accountant worth their salt will help you balance your books, and most should be able to help you save money on your tax bill. But a modern accountant, working with the best online tools, can provide services that go far beyond book-keeping.

For instance, we can provide you with a management accounts service - preparing monthly or quarterly statements that help you see where your business is at that moment in time. We can even use that data to help you make your big business decisions, effectively working with you as a business partner.

Easier interaction, a closer relationship

Cloud accounting platforms like Xero allow us to see your transactions in real time. Whatever you can see on your screen, we can see on ours.

That means our response times can be much faster than you might be used to from a regular accountant - and you won't have to come and sit with us to go through everything.

If you have an urgent issue, wouldn't it be great to know that you could pick up the phone and discuss things with an accountant who has all the information at their fingertips?

Better integration with your working day

Taking time out from your work to update financial spreadsheets or deliver papers to your accountant doesn't appeal to anybody. But when you work with a cloud accountant, some of your financial processes can be integrated with project management applications - so you'll barely even notice when your regular studio work strays into financial territory.

This streamlining of systems saves you time as well as sanity - so you can afford to let that lunch break linger on a little longer…


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