Money to grow: Funding for SMEs

It's falling form the sky!

Free money everywhere.

The government has opened multiple funding streams to help boost UKs booming SME economy.

A lot of the funding is in the form of grants, which is free money business can use to help them grow, create and streamline.

At BlueHub we help small and medium businesses get a leg-up on their big business competition. We do this with affordable cloud business systems that streamline business process and result in more efficient and effective businesses.

Because of the work we do with SMEs around efficiency we have been approached by a few different funding groups to help coach, advise and support businesses with cloud systems through funding.

What does it mean for you?

In short it means:

  • You can update your business systems at a drastically reduced rate.
  • You can find advisers to help you find more business support and funding.
  • Get our consultation services at a fraction of the price.
If you are tired of battling with Excel, worried your old server won't make it another year, or finally ready to move to the cloud then this is a great time to use funding to make your needed improvements.


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