How A Local Family Run Architecture Firm Used Xero & Add-ons To Streamline Their Business

This is a case study about a local family owned Architecture firm, based in Shropshire run by a husband and wife duo.
They needed to update their current project management system. The company they previously purchased the software from, priced the update at a minimum of £20,000. This was a large expense, for a system they felt was not ideal and unsupported.

Making the move to Xero; the cloud accountancy system

The pair decided it was time weigh-up their options. They recently made the choice to move their accounts to Xero; the cloud accounting software. This gave them the option, to look at the cloud project management systems from the Xero Add-on Community.

After researching they now knew they could find a more user friendly and affordable solution in the cloud. Most of the cloud offerings charge monthly, which makes them a cash flow friendly option for SMEs.

A little help from cloud consultants

They came to BlueHub, because they needed someone to select the right software, implement and configure the system, and finally provide training and support.

We had recently completed a similar project with another local architecture firm and saw great results with a Xero Add-on project management and time tracking system. This system is for any industry that charges in time and has to track the progression of jobs. Quite broad really. Some of the best examples of this system at work are with Architects, Designers, Developers and Consultants.

A glass slipper cloud system

The duo didn't like it… they loved it! They loved the simple layout was and the intuitive user interface. The key features that drew them to this system were; periodic invoicing, remote work, balance statements, project progression and document management.

The initial concern they had with the system was; what happens when the company grows? A valid concern. The monthly plan they would be on, gave them room to add an extra user for no cost. The next step up, would see them triple their users for an additional £20 per month. That was the final piece, They had found the glass slipper system.

It took just over two weeks, from the initial convocation to a completely implemented system. The cost for implementation was a fraction of what they had been quoted by their previous software provider, for an update to a lesser system. The results was that the business got a flexible, enterprise level system that can grow with them, for a price that fit an SME budget

Streamlined and optimised

BlueHub passionately believe that small and medium companies can be streamlined and optimised through digital and technology. The cloud offers a range of solutions that can give SMEs the tools of big businesses for a price that will not rock the boat. We understand that making the move to a new system is not a decision to be taken lightly, so our team of cloud consultants are here to help guide you to your glass slipper system.


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