Why July is the time to change to Xero

The world's fastest growing accounting software has two offers running this month; "Free Conversion to Xero" and "50% Off for Six Months". There has never been a better tool for SMEs than Xero and there has never been a better time to join than right now.

This month Xero have joined forces with Movemybooks. Providing new users with a free conversion of the last two years of records from Sage and QuickBooks. The process is done for you, when you login to Xero for the first time all of your lovely useful data will be there ready to go. This means, the reports provide are instantly useful and you can get a deep look at your business from day one.

Here are some of the key features of Xero:

Cash book and general ledger – Automated daily bank feeds.
GST reporting – End of month management reporting.
Bank reconciliation – Accounts receivable invoicing
Expense claims – Contact management
End of year financial statements

Xero and the range of Add-ons make it easy to keep accounts records up to date, providing in-sight with reports to help you see what is really happening in your business. Add-ons like Receipt Bank remove the need to keep all your expenses receipts, just take a picture, throw it away and see the details appear in Xero.

The range of operational systems Add-ons provide end-to-end solutions for a broad selection of industries: Project Management & Time Tracking for; Architects, Consultants, Creative Industries, Development, Engineering and more. MRP/ERP for; Manufacturing, Construction and Development. Booking Systems for; Hair and Beauty, Training, Physical Therapy, Photographers and more. Industry specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.


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