Making the most of ecommerce with a cloud inventory system

If you’re yet to make the leap into e-commerce – or you’re not sure that you’re making the most of the tools available – there’s never been a better time to change the way you do business.

What’s the best web platform for an e-commerce business?
Although there’s no one-size-fits-all e-commerce platform, there are options to suit most budgets and customisation preferences.


Recent Project Briefs: Inventory

We work with a very diverse range of clients when recommending and implementing inventory systems. Diverse not just in sector, size and distribution channels, but also their existing systems and goals.

These project briefs demonstrate the journey from current accounting and additional programs to an integrated cloud-based solution. In highlights the possible ways that we can help businesses with application that pass data automatically, saving hours of admin time.


4 useful tips to help you choose and implement an ERP system

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is all about making life easier.

With a system of integrated applications, your business can run more smoothly – back-end operations are automated, and many redundant or time-consuming tasks are taken out of the hands of your already-busy employees.


Save hours of admin time with inventory management automation

By Guy Earnshaw

It’s time to ditch your traditional inventory management systems and save on the many hours of admin time. You can significantly reduce the risk of human error costing sales or damaging cash flow.

By using an automated cloud-based system that is fully integrated and offers you greater efficiencies, you can increase productivity and drive more sales without spending more on admin.


Save hours of admin time with Spreadsheet-to-Xero integration

Reduce admin costs and save data entry time by setting up a bespoke integration from your spreadsheet files, like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Open Office, to Xero with our Spreadsheet-to-Xero product.

Many businesses have legacy systems to process their data, using manual ledgers, spreadsheets or apps that do not integrate with Xero. They lose valuable time on data entry to input sales invoices, bills, contacts and journal entries into Xero or manually filling out the upload templates.

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