Project management isn’t exactly glamorous.

But when it’s done right – and when you have the right tools – you can start to see just how profitable and stress-free the time spent on your projects can be.

If you’re looking for painless collaboration, protected data and an end to time-wasting admin tasks, you really need to ask yourself the following questions about your current project management set-up.

Is your system stuck in the office?
Flexible working is more than just a novelty. Today’s workforce expects to be able to access their projects and contribute from anywhere – the morning train, the local coffee shop, or from their own homes.

The problem with conventional project management systems is that they’re usually tied down. To a desktop, to a single instance of a file, or to a closed, internal network at the office.

That’s all fine if your team is tied to the office as well. But when your project involves external contractors, distant vendors and employees that like to work from the sofa, offline software can put frustrating limits on the progress of your project.

With a cloud-based job management system that lets every team member work from a secure server online, you can open your project to:

Real-time updates on the fly. You’ll be able to show your clients your progress directly from your mobile device, and your team can log their hours and mark tasks as complete wherever they’re working from.
Synchronised file sharing. Without the hassle of continually renaming and sending out new revisions of documents and spreadsheets, every member of your team can be confident that they’re always working from the latest versions of your project’s files.
Remote collaboration. Your external contractors and vendors can stay in the loop, and your team won’t have to neglect their families if they need to pull an all-nighter.

Does your job management system keep your files safe?
One of the biggest misconceptions about cloud software is that putting your data “out there” also puts it at greater risk.

It’s a natural emotion, especially if handing your data over to an external server feels like you’re relinquishing control.

But, the providers of cloud services are likely to have more time, money and expertise dedicated to improving and maintaining their security. After all, their entire reputation depends on it.

Beyond the threat of cyber-attacks, keeping your projects on remote servers could improve their safety. If your team members lose their laptops, spill their drinks, or download damaging malware, their work is already backed up to the cloud – which means your project won’t be held up by everyday accidents.

Can your system automate your admin?
Many in-house project management systems are simply out-dated and lack the time-saving features of newer, cloud-based bits of software.

Some businesses are even still trying to organise large-scale projects with nothing more than Excel, leaving most of the laborious daily tasks in the hands of an error-prone human.

If you’d prefer to see your team’s time – and your own – spent on the higher-level assignments that can’t be delegated to a piece of software, a cloud job management system could help you by:

Automatically sending notifications to your team. WorkflowMax, for example, will send out email notifications to individual workers when their jobs change or when their deadlines are approaching – while Harvest can send out automatic reminders when you’re about to reach your budget.

Generating in-depth analyses and reports for your project. With Harvest’s visual reports created from time-sheet data or simPRO’s detailed purchasing plans constructed from your bill of materials, you can stay on top of your projected costs with no need to manually draft spreadsheets.

Creating invoices from your existing project data. You can generate claims from different stages of your projects and send invoices to your clients with simPRO, or use the automated invoice follow-ups and reminders of Odoo to get paid faster without the hassle of chasing them yourself.

Keeping track of your client history. With WorkflowMax’s client management and lead tracking tools, you’ll be able to see at a glance exactly where each prospect and client is in your initial seduction and after-sale conversations – which makes managing your new and repeat business simple.

Could your project management do with a tune-up?
Cloud-based project management software has already made life easier for thousands of teams and businesses in all sorts of industries.

And if you’re thinking about joining them, you might need a little advice to help you get started.

We’re experts at getting straight to the root of other business’s problems – analysing their processes and guiding them towards the right configuration of apps and add-ons for the biggest benefits to their specific situations.

So if you’d like to see your team empowered with streamlined, mobile job management software that can save you money and save your staff some headaches, apply for a call and we’ll show you how you can do it.