May 2015


Cloud Integration Specialists: Web-Based Business Systems

The Cloud is a term that has been floating around the tech world for the last few years.

In what ways does the cloud differ from normal IT systems? Traditional IT systems are held locally, on servers or PCs. The cloud uses a network of remote servers that host the software and make it accessible online. This means software or data can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and it means you can avoid buying expensive hardware and software to run data-heavy business programs.


Cloud-Based Technologies to Support Small and Medium Businesses

It is now almost redundant to say that a website is an important tool for any business in the modern era. Websites are a great platform to market your business, to build an audience and inform them about developments in your business, for attracting new business from prospects (both locally and worldwide) and can create opportunities to further monetise your business through e-commerce, affiliation and advertising. You can also utilise the mass data of internet users, to pinpoint target your advertisements to your key demographic on social media and through PPC adverts.