Assisting Accountants with Xero Integrations and Xero Add-ons

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Are you having problems moving clients over to Xero and Xero Add-on integrated business systems?

BlueHub are cloud consultants and Xero integrators working directly with the Xero Add-on community. Assisting clients with the selection, implementation, training and support of cloud business software and Xero Add-ons. this is the process

Recently many Accounts and Bookkeepers have contacted us, requesting our assistance moving clients over to fully integrated cloud systems, with Xero and other cloud accounting packages.


Xero Integration & API Code Development 

Xero is one of the most powerful tools for SMEs and start-ups. The full scope of this power can only be released, when Xero is fully integrated to this rest of a businesses systems and process. As cloud consultants working with companies from tool selection to implementation and training, to perfectly integrated cloud systems.

Focused on finding each companies glass slipper software package. Every businesses needs differ and the Add-on Community may not hold all the answers. The API gives software developers access to a cloud applications code, which makes it possible to add-on additional features, integrate old and new software and input data to systems.


Cloud-Based Operational SystemsXero-integration-experts

Xero features the Add-on Community, which is a market place for cloud software that can integrate with it and there are many system that can hat are currently not included in the market place. There are hundreds of different systems on the Xero market place, with tools to cover most sectors and business types. These systems are robust, well tested and incredibly user friendly once implemented.

Cloud Consultancy

The process of changing systems can be a very stressful time for a business. We know this and use our years of knowledge to help guide our clients, from analysing the business process and finding the best system, to set-up, training and support.

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What Our Accountant Clients Say

A refreshing change from the usual model prevalent in the market

BlueHub are the first ‘software’ guys I have met who are more interested in how our business works than trying to sell us something.  As a result of this deeper understanding our various technology projects have progressed far more with them than with any previous providers.

Their hands on approach of map-design-test-implement-train-review is a refreshing change from the usual model prevalent in the market.  We, like many others have suffered in the past from the typical approach of sell-leave-sell consultancy to fix the mess created.

— Andy Boyle, Director at GBAC based in Barnsley, UK

Our four steps to perfect Xero integration

Software Selection

The importance of choosing the right software or add-on is often overlooked, it can be difficult to pick out of the hundreds of options and know how it will fit into all the variables of a unique business. Working with each client to asses their needs, goals and internal process gives our consultants a base to work with software experts to find each business perfect fit. 

Configuration and Implementation 

Bad software, well implemented can do amazing things. Good software, poorly implemented cannot do much at all. From a background in software development and cloud consultancy, we know this to be true and see examples of this all time! Configuring and implementing a system involves data entry, template formatting, rule and permission setting and all the tailoring involved in optimising off-the-shelf software. 


Xero is fitted with a API, this is like an open plug for developers to link to Xero. The Add-on Community is built around this but every businesses needs differ and the Add-on Community may not hold all the answers. Our in-house development team write small pieces of code to link other cloud systems, bespoke software and local traditional software to Xero.

Training and Support

What good is a tool unless you know how to use it? Providing initial training, to make sure each user can get exactly what they need from their new system. Offering clients a la carte support packages specifically for what they require, so they only pay for what they need and to enable a great level of service and guaranty there is always someone on call to help fix any issue.

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